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The next (fourth) meeting of REENCON - XXI on June 5-6, 2018, will be dedicated to the development and integration of RES and energy storage in the energy sector of Russia and the world. 

Main Topics

Global energy transition and its consequences for energy, environment, economy, society
Prospective changes in the world and Russian energy sector caused by the development of renewable energy sources and energy storage
Prospective changes in the world and Russian energy sector caused by the development of renewable energy sources and energy storage
Effectiveness of support measures for RES development in Russia and proposals for their extension beyond 2024 in the paradigm "from localization to export"
Support measures for development of energy storage in Russia
Commercialization and financing of RES and energy storage R & D in Russia
Experience and lessons in the implementation of RES projects in Russia
Problems of renewable energy sources and power storage facilities integration into energy system
Technological breakthroughs in some areas of renewable energy sources and energy storage

As part of the Congress, the second EU-Russia Dialogue on Climate and Energy Transition will be organized.

In addition, special events will be held jointly with the CIS Electric Power Council, the Fraunhofer Institute, the Government of Moscow, the Global Energy Foundation, the Ebert Foundation, the Council for the Priority Directions of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation on Clean and Resource-Saving Energy, etc. (ссылка на Программу англ.)

The leaders of the Russian Federation and German ministries, executives of IEA, EURELECTRIC, IRENA, REN-21, UNECE, ESCAP, CIS EPC, European Commission, DENA, GIZ, GWEC, GSC, EUBIA, as well as the largest Russian and International companies and research centers in the field of environmentally clean energy will take part in the Congress. (ссылка на Программу англ.)

Within the program of the Congress in October 2018 there will be organized International Youth Conference in the field of RES and energy storage.

Based on the results of discussions at the International Congress REENCON - XXI, proposals will be submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Results of the Congress

  • Report to the Government on promoting renewable energy and energy saving in Russia
  • Proceedings of the Congress



Online registration and abstract submission open

20 MAY

Deadline for submitting abstracts


Congress programme finalised

Organizing Committee

Elena Medvedeva

Head of the Organizing Committee of the Congress. Director of Energy Institute, HSE

Oleg Popel

Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Deputy Director for Science, JIHT RAS

Tatiana Mitrova

Director of the SKOLKOVO Energy Centre

Oleg Percovsky

Director Energy-Efficient Technology Cluster of SKOLKOVO Foundation

Yuri Posysaev

Executive Director Executive Director International Sustainable Energy Development Centre Under The Auspices Of UNESCO

George Ermolenko

Head of the Center for Renewable Energy Development, Energy Institute, HSE

Dmitry Dunikov

Senior Researcher of Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JIHT RAS)

Irina Ukhal

Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee, Expert of Energy Institute, HSE



Secretariat of the Congress

Phone: +7 (916) 756-13-10
E-mail: reencon@hse.ru

Executive Secretary for Russian Participants

Irina Ukhal

Phone:. +7 (916) 756-13-10

E-mail: iuhal@hse.ru

Executive Secretary for Foreign Participants

George Ermolenko

Phone: +7 (926) 541-96-52

E-mail: germolenko@hse.ru

Head of the Organizing Committee of the Congress

Elena Medvedeva

Associate Professor of Economics, Director of the Energy Institute, HSE

Phone: +7 (985) 998-15-40,

E-mail: proektgkh@mail.ru

Visa Support

Phone: +7 (985)177-53-35